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What's Different About a She Leads and Reads Event?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

So glad you asked! It's not just another stuffy networking event, and it's not just another book club meeting - it's a unique blend of establishing new contacts and relationships while engaging in idea sharing for busy women.  It's an opportunity for meaningful dialogue and peer mentorship. It's professional and personal development without the coaching price tag.

Don't get us wrong, coaching is awesome. We've taken advantage of it and believe wholeheartedly that it can be a transformational experience. But not everyone has the resources (time or otherwise) to embark on a coaching journey.  Some women just aren't in a space of wanting one-on-one coaching, or that isn't quite what they need. (And you can always engage in coaching and still be a part of the She Leads and Reads community - the two certainly aren't mutually exclusive!)

Every woman leader we know is continually striving to grow - both personally and professionally. Even at the top of the corporate ladder there is desire and room for growth. And if they ARE at the top of the corporate ladder they might want to help other emerging leaders, but not have the proper outlet or mechanism identified to assist the next generation of women powerhouses.  She Leads and Reads is the opportunity for women to come together in community and nurture their perpetual growth journey. 

Oh yeah, and we're not knocking on networking or book clubs either - both are cool and have their place. She Leads and Reads just takes the best elements of both, marries them, and makes a baby that you haven't seen before!

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