She Leads and Reads is a monthly book club for women living in the greater Harrisburg area, promoting networking and peer mentorship for women seeking personal and/or professional growth.


Additionally, the online community serves as a content curation resource for individuals wanting to know more about business and personal/professional growth books.


This project was born from the desire to find like-minded, high-performing women who want to read great books, share ideas, support one another, and grow personally and professionally.


Kelly Waltman, PhD

I love to read personal and professional development books. But just as much as I love reading books, I love chatting with other people about the books.  I love hearing about how they interpreted sections, how they applied what they've read, and what they plan to read next.  

I also love talking with others about personal and professional growth. And in recent years as I would look for opportunities to network with other women, I found very few available opportunities. It seemed that local organizations would only meet for breakfast or lunch meetings (something my work schedule did not allow), or there was a significant fee attached to membership or events. 

So, in January 2019 I decided to merge my two passions and She Leads and Reads was born. The goal of She Leads and Reads is to provide women with great content recommendations, along with cultivating an atmosphere where women can share ideas, learn from one another, and encourage one another. We read and process through books together, but also provide opportunity for authentic dialogue and relationship building. It's a way to foster networking, but without feeling stuffy or awkward. And it's a way to find peer mentors and encourage personal growth, but without a costly price tag.

It has been amazing to watch our community of women grow beyond what I could have dreamed possible, and I cannot wait to see where our collective journey takes us next!

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